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Welcome to Anna Scully’s site. Life is a wonderful gift, full of precious memories that should never be forgotten. Now these memories can be shared so that you too can enjoy them forever.  
   Anna was born at home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 13th , 1924 To Charles Crouthamel and Mary Catherine Connors. Anna is the 3rd youngest of 8 children.  Anna brothers and sisters are Kathryn, Mary, Charles, Margaret, Elizabeth, James and Helen.  Anna grew up in the Grays Ferry section of Philadelphia. She had a very happy childhood and was very close to her family and had many childhood friends  who remained lifelong friends  throughout their lives. She went to St. Anthony's School and the religious instruction she recieved there remains with her today.    Anna has 4 children  Kathleen ( died 1/23/05), Phillip, Marianne and Jacqueline.  Anna has 11 grandchildren- Terri , Tara, Steven,Tina, Kenny(Died 8/78), Michelle, Christopher, Michael , Brian, Nicole and David.   Anna now has 8+ great grandchildren and still growing. Anna raised her family in the Philadelphia area close to her family  and friends. In 1995 she moved to Florida where she remains today. Anna has outlived most of her family and friends and is 83 yrs old now. She resided with her youngest sister Helen in an assisted living facility until recently ( Helen passed away on 3/22/2008 ). Anna remained close to her family for the rest of her life. Anna passed away on 9/12/2008 at 2.20p.m. She will be missed always but forever in our hearts.
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nanny  / Michael Kennedy (grandson)
weel i never really got to tell you how much i loved  you ..
now i guess i can . and to thimk i almost came 2 join you 2 weeks ago  just not ready 2 go .. always lovee you nan !!!!
I LOVE U   / Shelly Scully (granddaughter)
I still talk to you everyday and i always will (i know you hear me). I miss you so much and time isn't making this any easier. I miss my best friend and when i drive by all "our" spots i still cry. nan please help guide me in this life...  Continue >>
Rest in Peace Anna   / Sharon Melegari (friend of family )
May you rest easy now in God's loving arms, Anna.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your will be missed.  Love, Sharon, David and Lisa.
HELLO MOM   / Phil (Son)
Hi Mom!

Well, it's nice to see this site celebrating your life.  Lord knows, when I was growing up, I was the problem child, that is until Marianne and Jackie came along.  heheheh.

I hope you like the newest...  Continue >>
Mom u r the best!   / Jacqueline Scully (Daughter)
Dear Mom,

I love you!  I realized as I became older the sacrafices you made for me.  I also realize how selfish teenagers are, being I am a mother myself to (2) teenagers. I experience their Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hide personalit...  Continue >>
Hey nanny  / Brian Crouthamel (grandson)    Read >>
Hi! / Marianne Scully (Daughter)    Read >>
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